Welcome to the rest of your life

The good is no longer, so the getting will likely fall off, whether I like it or not. Will things turn around? Who knows, but it doesn’t look like it will ever be exactly like it was before. I’m not sure when I came to that view, but I imagine I had to go through all the regular stages and have arrived at acceptance. Although its fewer every day, too many people are still in denial. Now that I have accepted a future view (may not be the right one, but it’s mine) I am re-visioning the grand plan. The core elements of the grand plan 2.0 are:

* Do things I like every day – because I may be doing them for a long time.
* Make time for the important things. (full stop)
* There is no prize.

There is no tomorrow, there is only today and now.I actually like plan 2.0 alot better! Will I ever get to teach? I hope so, but in the end (hopefully still along way off) it won’t matter nearly as much because I’ll have enjoyed the trip alot more…the destination won’t matter as much. And in some subtle way I really appreciate the irony of the fact that it took the world economy going to shit for me to stop delaying gratification. Making me happier today that I would have been if things kept cranking along.

Welcome to the rest of your life

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