the place i’d invent

If I were to invent a place it would look just like this: cherry trees in full bloom during an invented season that isn’t spring, but not quite summer, an in between time when the days are warm and the sun reflects off the sides of the white buildings, but cold enough in the evening to chain-smoke, pushing the blood pressure higher in an effort to keep warm as the beers come one after another like suicide party bombers and it isn’t long before the evening is turned on its side. That is the sort of place that I would invent.

I’d tumblr for you | the place i’d invent

offenbar ein Geniesser .. Jim

jfl1066 cooking today…starting off with a caponata or local stuff
igori @jfl1066 .. seems you are a passionate cook .. would love to be your guest .-)
jfl1066 @igori would love to have you! using up the last vegetables of the summer

ich denke er ist ein leidenschaftlicher Koch

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