a SL consultant for L$6800 an hour

CONSULTING My time in SL is busy, therefore for you to access it in any way outside my rentals business, or via my public notecards, or my regular public meetings, etc. costs a very modest L$6800 per hour ($US $25). So don’t IM me saying, „Can you set up a time to meet with me so I can pitch a proposal/run my idea past you/download everything you know about virtual estate/have you do my movie scenario/draft my book chapter for me/provide intensive sophisticated tutoring in SL/explain all the ins and outs of virtual business — without being willing to right-click on this avatar and press PAY $6800 TO PROKOFY NEVA. Sorry, but I must spend time either running my own business or nonprofits in SL, or AFK doing RL work, not giving you free time and advice : )

from Prokofy Neva’s SL profile

hmm .. shall I spend now L$6800 … or just keep up the conversation via twitter?!
if he does a good job L$6800 is fair enough … will think about

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