This is WidgetCast

Widgetcast Beta 1
The inaugural episode of widgetcast. To kick things off Sven, Xaver and Chris spend some time laying some groundwork for future shows and dive into a few topics they can’t wait to get to. Xaver invents a widget that will automatically reconfigure itself based on the experiences of its user – in the real world and the virtual world. Sven talks about why single points of control like Etsy and Ebay are one of the things keeping more people from participating in social production. Chris wonders if social production will ever make its way completely out of software and into something like the lowly ice cream scoop.

This is WidgetCast

we did our first (beta) webcast .. was fun to do.
sometimes it’s hard for me to express myself, partly due to my poor english

wonder what and who is next …

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