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What’s important to understand, I believe, is that “direct modeling” is, as far as I can tell, closer to the kind of 3D modeling used for virtual worlds and videogames. Consequently, products which are designed to manipulate faces on solid 3D geometry (e.g. Kubotek’s “Face Logic”) are likely to find themselves linked to virtual worlds such as Second Life or Multiverse; or to open source metaverse applications such as OpenSim or Wonderland or Croquet.

The bottom line seems to be that 3D CAD solid-modeling applications are primed to link up with virtual worlds.

reBang weblog » Blog Archive » Next Generation Product Development Tools, Part 11

I wonder, what e.g. Linden Labs come up with regarding 3D modeling in SL … does any body know something about this?

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  1. The 3D modeling tools in SL were developed by a consultant firm, RealityPrime (recently absorbed by Big Stage). They models these tools generate are parametric, but in the simplest sense (no history, no real relations, etc). The consultant, according to accounts on his blog, wanted to introduce more sophisticated modeling tools, but Linden Lab didn’t want anything more than what they currently have (excluding their more recent additions: „flexiprims“ and „sculpties“).

    There’s no reason to think that at *some* point Linden Lab won’t improve the modeling tools; however, I expect the open source efforts surrounding OpenSim to take the lead, mostly because IBM is working on a „Fashion PLM“ (though admittedly their effort could be a 2D „pattern“ affair).

    Meanwhile, Croquet reportedly has the beginnings of a CAD system being coded into it. I don’t know much about it though.

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