Gilberto Gil’s comments to Interdependence Day


More positive were the recorded comments of Brazilian musician and Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil, which you can view (with English subtitles) on Gil basically presents his vision of virtual worlds as new spaces where different kinds of diasporas — cultural, ethnic, linguistic — can connect with each other in new ways and imagine new ways of living in the future. With the huge upsurge in Brazilian registrations for Second Life accounts over the past few months, Mr. Gil clearly sees that this will be a medium that Brazilian citizens have shown a strong interest in engaging in.

Virtual worlds such as Second Life can rebuild the world of the diasporas in a brand new way. in a more evolved and more advanced way, with other layers of connection that are not yet in real life, but that virtual worlds can offer, with chances of influencing real life itself in the future. Utopian territories… new utopias which can become the future …

To the artists… they are individuals, autonomous initiators, particularistic and absolutely free. They do what they want, think what they want, and they configure their profiles as they wish. Second Life is there, it is a very nice opportunity, the avatars, these doubles of artists will utilize that space in the way they want. Presenting their musical world, their alternative perspectives, which perhaps could not find space in the real world yet. There, in the virtual worlds, they will find open spaces, unlimited, where all experiences are possible.

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